Sunil and Meenakshi Kharol are a YouTube power couple who is married to each other. They have a combined following of over 2 million subscribers on their channels, which is where they primarily post vlogs and Q&As. Not only do they love making videos together, but they genuinely seem to enjoy one another’s company – even outside of the camera! As if all of that wasn’t impressive enough, Sunil is an engineer by profession while Meenakshi is a doctor. How’s that for brains and beauty?! Keep reading to learn more about this amazing pair.

Sunil Kharol
Meenakshi Kharol

Sunil & Meenakshi Kharol are a husband and wife team who have found success on YouTube.
-They met in college and married soon after, both of them passionate about creating content.
-Sunil is from a lower caste background, but the couple has faced no discrimination because of their love or success.
-They now have two children, both of whom are being raised to be proud of their parents’ accomplishments.
-The Kharols provide an interesting perspective on Indian culture and family life that has attracted a large following online.

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