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Lo! Foods - Diabetic Snacks South Indian Mixture (150gxPack of 2) | 50% Lower Sugar Spike | 100% More Fibre | 100% More Protein | Sugar Control Low GI | Dietitian Recommended Diabetes Food Products

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  • 50% LESSER SUGAR SPIKES: Prepared using Low GI ingredients, this diabetic-friendly smart swap releases glucose slowly and steadily into your bloodstream. Result? 50% lesser sugar spikes.
  • 2X MORE FIBRE & PROTEIN: Our South Indian mixture formulation makes it 2x higher in Fibre and Protein compared to regular snacks. Its special Low Carb profile helps prevent unwanted sugar spikes.
  • AS DELICIOUS AS IT IS HEALTHY: We bet this is the smartest-ever snack replacement for diabetics as nobody makes South Indian mixture as delicious as we do while reducing its glycemic index.
  • DIETITIAN-RECOMMENDED FOR EVERYDAY BINGE: Specially formulated by our in-house nutritionists, this yummilicious snack is strongly recommended by dietitians.
  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS: Prepared using Low Carb and healthful Superfood ingredients, this Low GI snack contains no maida, sugar, or preservatives.

Baidyanath Shankhapushpi Sharbat - 450 ml with Free Sharbat - 220 ml

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as of February 16, 2023 4:13 pm


  • HELPS IMPROVE CONCENTRATION: Brahmi and Shankhpushpi are Ayurvedic herbs that help sharpen memory and brain functioning. Baidyanath Shankhpushpi Sharbat is power-packed with antioxidants and flavonoids which help in promoting concentration, focus, calmness and alertness of the mind. This works as a tonic for the brain that helps stimulating reasoning, problem-solving and cognitive capabilities. Additionally, these herbs help in relieving stress and boosting memory.
  • FIGHTS MENTAL FATIGUE: Due to prolonged and excessive cognitive activities like extended screen time such as watching the TV, working on computers for long hours, or learning and memorizing activities, mental fatigue is a common problem in today‚Äôs lifestyle. Shankhpushpi helps relieve this fatigue and keeps your mind alert through the day and helps improve concentration.
  • MADE USING POTENT AYURVEDIC HERBS: We've composed the purest of herbs in this bottle of Baidyanath Shankhpushpi Sharbat. This syrup is loaded with Shankhpushpi and Brahmi that are rich in alkaloids, proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, D-glucose and more. All these nutrients help in keeping you active, calm and alert in your tasks. Baidyanath Shankhpushpi Sharbat may also help combat anxieties and nervousness.
  • AYURVEDIC FORMULA FOR A SHARPER MIND: With all the goodness of nature, Baidyanath Shankhpushpi Sharbat is a GMP certified product which is absolutely safe and effective to consume on a daily basis. The product is plant-based hence it is vegan. In order to obtain best results, consume 1-2 tablespoonfuls of this syrup with water or as directed by the physician.
  • 100-YEAR LEGACY WITH UNCOMPROMISED QUALITY: Baidyanath has been a trusted establishment in Ayurveda for 100 years. We are an Indian company that believe in uncompromised quality and product consistency. Baidyanath Shankhpushpi Sharbat is made with the purest forms of the organically sourced ingredients which help in maintaining good health and increased immunity. We source our ingredients from the most trusted, indigenous network of herb growers.

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