Honeywell BDR91 Wireless Relay Box



The BDR91 is a wireless relay box that can be used to switch valves, pumps, boilers or other heat sources as part of the range of Honeywell 868MHz Radio Frequency (RF) heating controls.

Installation Notes

  • If a new system is being constructed, a BDR91 is added to an existing system, or a faulty unit is being replaced, the desired units must be specially configured to allow them to communicate with each other. This process is called Binding. Please refer to section 3 Binding / Rebinding Procedure.
  • The BDR91 Relay Box will not communicate with other RF products that use different frequencies or communications protocols.
  • The BDR91 Relay Box requires a permanent 230V~ supply.

Installing the BDR91 Relay Box


  • For best performance, install in an open space. Leave at least 30cm distance from any metal objects including wall boxes and boiler housing. Do not mount on metal wall boxes.

EMC compliance considerations

  • Keep AC mains supply/load cables separate from signal wiring.
  • Refer to Code of Practice standards EN61000-5-1 and -2 for guidance.

Binding/Rebinding Procedure

The binding operation shown is required if any of the system components are replaced or new product added to the system.

IMPORTANT: As the BDR91 can be used with a number of wireless products a typical procedure for the DT92 is shown, for other components refer to their instructions or follow the on screen instructions.


Position the unit to be paired close to the BDR91 (remove from wall if already installed)


Prepare relay box, reset stored data in BDR91


Put Relay Box into Binding Mode


If required prepare room unit by Resetting stored data (example DT92)

Honeywell-BDR91-Wireless-Relay-Box-fig-5Put Room Unit into binding mode (see instructions for other units)


Send the binding signalHoneywell-BDR91-Wireless-Relay-Box-fig-7

  • Acknowledgment of binding in BDR91


RF communication test (DT92 shown for example)



Signal Strength Test


Basic System Operation

Automatic Operation


Temporary Manual Override


  • Press button to temporarily override the current relay position

Loss of RF communicationsHoneywell-BDR91-Wireless-Relay-Box-fig-14

  • If RF communication is lost, red LED lights and Relay Box operates in failsafe mode, as set in Installer Mode.


Manufactured for and on behalf of the Environment and Combustion Controls Division of Honeywell Technologies Sàrl, ACS-ECC EMEA, Z.A. La Pièce 16, 1180 Rolle, Switzerland, by its Authorised Representative Honeywell Inc.

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© 2009 Honeywell International Inc.

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