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Gowli Movie Teaser launched staring Srinagar Kitty




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Presenting you the Official 4K Teaser From the Movie Gowli Starring: Srinagar Kitty And Others.

Gowli is an action drama movie directed by Soora. The movie casts Srinagara Kitty and Paavana Gowda are in the lead roles along with Rangayana Raghu,

Gowli Movie 4K Teaser

Gowli is upcoming

♪ Banner : Sohan Film Factory 

♪ Movie : Gowli

♪ Written and Directed by Soora 

♪ Produced by Raghu Singham

♪ Co Producers : Nagesh BS – RM Raju

♪ Executive Producers : Rudresh S – Girish BM – Pavan Kumar

♪ Starring : Srinagara Kitty , Paavana Gowda, Rangayana Raghu, 

Sharath Lohithaswa, Yash shetty, Cockroach Sudhi, Govinde Gowda, 

Gurudeshpande, Child Artist Namana, Murudayya. 

♪ Music: Shashank Sheshagiri 

♪ D.O.P: Sandeep Valluri 

♪ Editor: Umesh RB (Puzzel Cut)

♪ Art Director: Raghu M

♪ Stunts : Vikram Mor , Arjun Raj

♪ Co Director: VL Ashrit

♪ Dialogues: Sunil Bandiganahalli , Soora , VL Ashrit

♪ Costume Designer: Soora

♪ Effects: Rajan

♪ Makeup: Yateesh

♪ Stills: Rocky

♪ Production Manager: Somashekar 

♪ Cashier: Somu Channapatna 

♪ DI and Colourist: Ashwath

♪ Social Media: Tstudios, Cinews

♪ PRO: Nagendra 

♪ Poster Designer: Ashwin Ramesh (WIN designs)



Teaser Musicians Credits :

♪ Keys Programming : V Sukumar

♪ Rhythm Programming : V Sukumar

♪ Orchestral Arranged by : Shashank Sheshagiri

♪ Backing Vocals : Shashank , Aniruddha , Harsiv Bhagira , Soora

♪ Recorded at : Loop Studio , S Beats Audio , Shakthi Studio(SymphonyOf Culture)

♪ Sound Engineers : Shakthi Vel , LVN Rajasekhar , Vishal Timmaiah 

♪ Studio Assistants : J Prabhu

♪ Mixed and Mastered by : Satish Kumar L (Manjari Cinematics)

♪ Title Graphics : Vishwas K (Vishal Magic)

This is all about Gowli movie Teaser. Please follow us on Social Media for more updates.

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