What if the Dominos Chicken Lovers Pizza of AD 2022 is actually a real person with a real name? Could her identity be revealed and would it change the way we think about this pizza? Some believe that the girl in the Dominos commercial is actually a model named Brooke Perry. Brooke has denied any involvement in the Domino’s commercial, but some people aren’t convinced. Check out this post to see some evidence that Brooke may actually be the Chick’n Lovers girl!


Dominos is coming out with a new pizza called the Chicken Lovers Pizza. It will be made up of chicken, bacon, and cheese on a white sauce base. The pizza will launch in 2022.
-To promote the new pizza, Dominos has released a commercial starring a young girl named ‘AD 2022 Girl Model’. Her real name is not yet known.
-The commercial has been met with mixed reactions online, with some people loving it and others finding it creepy.
-Dominos has not yet revealed who the AD 2022 Girl Model is or given any other information about her.
Call to action for the end of the conclusion paragraph: What do you think? Is this commercial creepy or cute? Let

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