Good news for all the Mahi fans out there! According to a recent report by Cars24, Mahi has successfully registered his name in the list of potential buyers for a brand new Audi AD 2022. The model is yet to be revealed, but we’re already excited about it! Keep an eye out for more updates on this. In other news, did you know that Mahi’s real name is Dhoni? Here are some fun facts about his life and career that you may not know. Stay tuned for more on this blog post!

M S Dhoni

Conclusion paragraph: Cars24 has announced that it is now offering a service where customers can get their car checked for MRl. The company has also announced that cricket superstar MS Dhoni will be the brand ambassador for the 2022 campaign. Finally, we have included the real name of the girl model who was featured in the AD.

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