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Rs. 950
Rs. 1,500
as of December 8, 2022 12:43 pm
Last updated on December 8, 2022 12:43 pm

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xcluma Signal Generator 3.3V-30V PWM Pulse Frequency Duty Cycle Adjustable Module 1Hz to 150Khz LCD Display PWM Signal Generator Module

Rs. 999
Rs. 699
as of December 8, 2022 12:43 pm


  • 1. With LCD LCD display frequency and duty cycle, it is very clear, PWM output can set frequency and duty cycle separately; 2. Wide frequency range and high precision; 3. Serial communication
  • PWM output, you can set the frequency and duty cycle separately; The frequency is divided into four ranges and is automatically switched: 1. XXX ( no decimal point ) : The minimum unit is 1Hz , and the value range is 1Hz~999Hz ; 2. The minimum unit of X.XX (the decimal point is in the hundred digits) is 0.01Khz , and the value range is 1.00Khz~9.99Khz ; 3. XX.X ( decimal point is ten ) : The minimum unit is 0.1Khz ; the value range is 10.0KHz~99.9KHz 4. XXX ( decimal point in ten and
  • Second, the parameter settings The module has 4 independent buttons for setting the frequency and duty cycle. It supports short press (increase or decrease one unit) and long press (fast increase or decrease). It is very simple. The parameters are automatically saved after setting. Lost. Third, the module parameters: 1. Working voltage: 3.3~30V ; 2. Frequency range: 1Hz~150KHz ; 3. Frequency accuracy: the accuracy in each range is about 2% ; 4. Signal load capacity: the output current can
  • application: 1. Used as a square wave signal generator to generate a square wave signal for experimental development; 2. Used to generate a square wave signal that controls the motor driver; 3. Generate adjustable pulses for use by the MCU ; 4. Generate adjustable pulses and control related circuits ( applications such as PWM dimming speed regulation).
  • (microcontroller TTL level communication) Communication standard : 9600 bps data bits : 8 stop bits : 1 check digit : none flow control : none 1, set the frequency of the PWM “F101”: Set the frequency to 101 HZ (001~999) “F1.05”: Set the frequency to 1.05 KHZ (1.00~9.99) “ F10.5 ”: Set the frequency to 10.5KHZ (10.0~99.9) “F1.0.5”: Set the frequency to 105KHZ (1.0.0~1.5.0) 2, set the duty cycle of the PWM “DXXX”: Set the duty cycle of PWM to XXX ; (001~100) For

V-Guard V 500 Supreme Voltage Stabilizer for Non Inverter ACS up to 2 Ton (Working Range: 170-280 VAC, Grey)

Rs. 3,950
Rs. 2,348
as of December 8, 2022 12:43 pm


  • ã€FEATURES】 Sleek Grey Cabinet with Wall Mounting Facility, Advanced IC Technology Design for better input voltage correction, Built-in Thermal Overload Protection for preventing appliance burn out, User Friendly Status Indication; Intelligent Time Delay System for ensuring safety net for the AC's Compressor
  • ã€CABINET】 ABS; ã€INDICATOR】 Graphical LED
  • ã€WARRANTY】 3-Year Offsite Warranty for manufacturing defects
  • ã€APPLICATION】 Up to 2 Ton Non-Inverter AC; ã€CAPACITY】 15 A; ã€COLOUR】 Grey

xcluma 6 in 1 Energy Meter, 80V-300V AC 100A Power Meter Voltage Current Power Factor Active KWH

Rs. 2,599
Rs. 1,589
as of December 8, 2022 12:43 pm


  • AC voltage: AC 80.0-300.0V,200.0-450.0V(You should select the suitable type of meter when your making order).AC current: AC 0-99.99A, minimum resolution is 0.01A AC current: AC 0-40.00A, minimum resolution is 0.01A
  • power frequency: 45.0Hz-65.0Hz
  • power factor : 0.00-1.00PF
  • Material:ABS+ electronic components
  • Size:79*43*39mm

Allianztec BME280 Digital Temperature Humidity Barometric Pressure Sensor Module, 5V with IIC I2C Breakout

Rs. 1,200
Rs. 980
as of December 8, 2022 12:43 pm


  • Not only the pressure and the temperature, this sensor can measure humidity.
  • Make sure to put SDO to high to get address 0x77. This will work with BME280 library perfectly.
  • BME280 is a precision sensor, is soldered onto PCB. It uses both I2C and SPI (supports 3-, 4-wire SPI) interface.
  • With an I2C connection you have access to enough weather data to make some pretty good predictions for your local area.
  • It is made up of a very accurate pressure sensor and an associated temperature sensor which helps calibrate the pressure readings.

PGSA2Z Delta PFR0812XHE -BA77 Server Square Fan, 12 Volts 4.90 Ampere (Black)

Rs. 1,500
Rs. 950
as of December 8, 2022 12:43 pm


  • Model: PFR0812XHE -BA77
  • Brand: Delta
  • Current: 4.90 Ampere
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • If you have any quarry regarding with this product please contact us directly.

Everest 5 KVA Triple Booster Digital Model Voltage Stabilizer for AC Upto 2 Ton (Working Range : 90 V-300 V),(White Color)
as of December 8, 2022 12:43 pm


  • Working Range : 90 V to 300 V, Input 110v to 270v , Output : 200v to 240v
  • Warranty Summary : 5 Years Warranty, In case of any product issues or service , Contact Everest service customer care
  • Suitable for 1 Air conditioner up to 2 Ton AC

NE555 Multi-Channel Waveform Generator Module | Digital Signal Generator for Digital Frequency and Amplitude Modulation NE555- Easy to use and operate
as of December 8, 2022 12:43 pm


  • Input: dc6~12v
  • Color ring resistor: 1kÎ, 1mÎ,4.7KÎ, 10kÎ,15kÎ, 100kÎ
  • Size: approx. 51X 44x 5mm/ 2.01X 1.73X 0.20Inch
  • Easy to use and operate

xcluma Ne555 Pulse Frequency | Duty Cycle Adjustable Module| Square Rectangular Wave Signal Generator

Rs. 399
Rs. 132
as of December 8, 2022 12:43 pm


  • It is used as a square wave signal generator generates a square wave signal for experimental development to use. It is used to generate drive stepper motor drives a square wave signal.
  • Adjustable pulse generation for MCU to use. Generates an adjustable pulse, the control-related circuit.

Robocraze 150W Power Supply Module | DC 10-32V to DC 12-35V Adjustable Step-up Boost Power Supply Module

Rs. 598
Rs. 568
as of December 8, 2022 12:43 pm


  • The Step Up power supply module features a nput Voltage: DC 10V-32V Output Voltage: DC12V-35V (continuously adjustable)
  • It is a great addition to your hobby craft tool kit and is perfect product for your safety and Lab Supply
  • Good for many applications include industrial, laboratory, personal and hobbies
  • The product is imported from Hong Kong and is in perfect working condition

Aulten 5 KVA 4000W 90V - 300V Digital Voltage Stabilizer for All Inverter/Split/Window Upto 2.0 Ton AC’s

Rs. 9,800
Rs. 5,999
as of December 8, 2022 12:43 pm


  • Aulten 5KVA Ac Voltage Stabilizer Gives your Ac Long life & Durable and Reduce your Electric Bill. Ideal Protection for AC Upto 2ton Against Voltage Fluctuations
  • Wattage: 4000 Watts, Capacity: 5KVA, Input Working Range: 90V-300V, Output Working Range: 200V - 240V ± 5%, Power Source Type : Electric, Product Dimensions : 35×12×25 Cm
  • Special Features: Multifunctional Digital Display, Integrated with Zero Cross Switching Technology with Highly Efficient Toroidal Transformer, Automatic Low & High Cut Off, Initial Time Delay, Auto Start, Included Features : Full Protection, An Ergonomic Wall Mounting Design for Easy Installation
  • Warranty Description : 1 Year Replacement Warranty + Get 2 Years Extended Replacement Warranty by Contacting Us
  • Included Components : 1 Unit of Aulten 4KVA Automatic Stavilizer for 1.5 ton AC With Wall Mounting Accessories. Aulten provides you an exclusive range of energy efficient power solution products specifically for all Type Ac. Aulten Ac Stabilizer making them durable.

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